We, as
Energy College, our major aim is to raise well-educated, conscious and well
mannered individuals and enlighten the future with the new generations.

●With our
qualified teachers and 13 hours of English lessons a week, we ensure our
children to learn English with 5 skills( writing, listening, reading, speaking
and answering the questions)

service getting close to our students’ responsibilities and problems, we aim at
raising our students who are able to express themselves and find effective solutions.

● Our two fold
education system intends that our students embrace good values and teaches and
chooses the students the right path.

●Our trial
texts happen for 8th, grade students per a week

For 7th
grade students fortnightly

For 4th, 5th
and 6th grade students once a month.

Cambridage and
Bilsem exams are also important for their progressing. During lessons or face
to face study , we support the students to join the exams.

• Face to
face study is one of our most important educational systems. The study provides
students to figure out the subjects or answers that they can not solve during
the lesson.

İletişim Bilgileri
Habibler Mah. Kırçiçeği Cd. No:83 Kepez/Antalya Kepez- Antalya
  • Telefon / E-Posta
  • (0242) 3408080
  • info@enerjikoleji.net